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Advancing the mental wellbeing of all kids

Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health
at Children’s Hospital New Orleans

When kids struggle with mental health issues, it can impact their ability to lead a happy, healthy life. The Behavioral Health Center at Children’s Hospital New Orleans provides the resources and expertise needed to help children and adolescents throughout the Gulf South get their lives back, so they can get back to being kids again.
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The Behavioral Health Center at Children’s Hospital amplifies the way we are proactively addressing mental and behavioral health for children.

Our new, 51-bed Behavioral Health Center is the only psychiatric program in the Gulf Coast region exclusively dedicated to the mental healthcare needs of children and adolescents in crisis. Outpatient services are also provided to compliment inpatient care and include assessment and treatment of psychiatric and behavioral disorders such as Autism, ADHD, and moss disturbance.

Behavioral Health Services for the Children of Louisiana and the Gulf South

Our team of professionals provides evidence-based management for a range of challenges facing children, adolescents and their families.
Our program focused on teaching and empowering patients to develop health life skills to improve their current function and future quality of life.
Learn more about our programs below.

Outpatient Services

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Inpatient Services

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Pediatric Psychology

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The Autism Center

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The Medical Psychology Clinic

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The Consult-Liaison Service

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Children’s Hospital New Orleans Behavioral Health Center


210 State Street
New Orleans, LA 70118



210 State Street, New Orleans, LA, USA