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Children’s Hospital New Orleans Behavioral Health Center

Children’s Hospital New Orleans Behavioral Health Center understands the importance of treating the whole child. Our behavioral care specialists currently offer a range of services to improve emotional and mental well-being, including inpatient and outpatient support. Expert behavioral care is provided by our highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to improving the lives of our children and adolescent patients and their families.

smiling young boy

Behavioral Care and More

Children’s Hospital New Orleans Behavioral Health Center also helps with many more child and adolescent issues other than the expert behavioral care you can experience at our health center on the Calhoun Campus. We have the facilities and equipment to handle the many problems located all throughout Louisiana to be there for your family’s youngest members when they need medical care and attention. Call us today to get the answers you need and visit if there is ever an emergency.

Providing the specialized care and support children need to get back to being kids again.