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Let’s fight for mental health

Young people and their families are battling a mental health crisis that’s widened and deepened over the past two years. This is going to be a difficult battle because you can’t solve a problem until you know a problem exists, and mental disorders are an enemy that’s very good at hiding in plain sight.

The Good News. We already possess the tool that gives us the best chance of winning this fight. Talk about it. This is okay to talk about.

Take our High5 Challenge. 
Five minutes of real talk, every day.
We hope you’ll join the conversation and the fight for mental health.

This is what the fight for mental health looks like.

Real kids. Real conversations. 
1 in 5 kids today is struggling with a significant mental disorder, yet less than half receive the support they need. In 2020, Children’s Hospital launched the High 5 Project – a movement to build a community focused on mental wellbeing for all kids. The High 5 project aims to ensure that all kids with mental and behavioral disorders get the help and support they need to thrive.
This year, we visited schools and heard from young people themselves. 

Hear what the kids had to say

laughing young girl

Take the High5 Challenge

5 minutes of real talk every day.  Make time for meaningful connections. Check on a loved one. Laugh. Share gratitude. Discuss your struggles. Offer a helping hand. Spread joy. Discuss a problem with a friend. Be there for a family member. Ask for help. Get started today!

We’re talking about mental health.