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Explore the #High5Project

Children’s Hospital New Orleans is proud to lead the #High5 Project:
a community-wide movement to meet the mental health needs of Louisiana’s children.

High five project compilation

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Advancing the Mental Wellbeing of All Kids

Did you know: 1 in 5 children has a significantly impairing mental disorder, yet less than half get the treatment they need?

At Children’s Hospital New Orleans, we’re on a mission to change that by building a community where all kids receive the specialized care and support they need.

Mental Health Disorders affect 1 in 5 kids

The #High5 Project is about spreading kindness, boosting confidence, providing support, sharing resources, improving care, and building a community focused on mental wellbeing for all kids.

Why do you #High5?

Our #High5 campaign aims to ensure that 5 out of 5 kids with mental and behavioral disorders get the help they need and deserve. To join the movement, please email

Schedule an appointment with our team of adolescent mental health experts today and let us help you get your children back to what they do best: being kids.