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Medical Psychology at Children’s Hospital New Orleans

The Medical Psychology Clinic was formerly the Rapid Treatment Program. Our treatment model remains the same and involves short-term medication management of ADHD and first onset depression and/or anxiety. The goal of the MPC includes efficient stabilization of symptoms with eventual release to the pediatrician’s care for long term medication management. Once we reach this point with the patient, the referring physician is expected to continue making any medication adjustments he or she deems clinically appropriate for our diagnosis. We remain available for additional consultations post-discharge should any complications arise (e.g., via telephone, email, or re-referral if necessary).

We are accepting new patient referrals. Please see more information below.

New Patient Packet

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What Your Referral to the MPC Must Include

To visit our new clinic, we will require you to have a referral from your primary medical physician. Please ensure your referrals to the MPC include the following:

  • Patient name, address, telephone number(s), the parent or legal guardian’s name
  • Physician’s name, address, telephone, and fax numbers of the location of service
  • Physician’s signature (electronic or handwritten)
  • As medical psychologists must work with the concurrence of the pediatrician, please specify on the referral the following: “Evaluation and treatment with medication management of…(diagnosis)”
  • Please take note, due to statutory requirements; referrals cannot be accepted directly from a Nurse Practitioner or Physician’s Assistant.

Restrictions of Referrals to the MPC at Children’s Hospital New Orleans

Due to the short-term treatment model of our practice at the MPC and the complexity of factors involved in treating some behavioral or emotional conditions, the MPC may not accept referrals for conditions requiring long-term care. These include:

  • Bipolar Mood Disorder
  • Psychotic disorders
  • Suicidal and homicidal behavior or ideation
  • Excessive violence or dangerousness to self and others such as self-harmful behaviors or threats of physical harm to themselves or others
  • Sexual offense or dysfunction
  • Active substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Intellectual disability

Treatments and Services Not Offered at the MPC

Due to the short-term nature and model of our program, the Medical Psychology Clinic does not offer services for the sole purpose of:

  • Psychotherapy or counseling
  • Educational testing, assessment of learning disorders, or triennial evaluations to fulfill school requirements
  • Disability determinations
  • Long term treatment
  • Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Disorders
  • Evaluations to simply substantiate a diagnosis without medication management

Please Reach Out to the MPC for Further Questions

Our dedicated staff is happy to answer any other questions you may have about our services and the ones we do not offer. We have plenty of medical professionals on staff at Children’s Hospital New Orleans to help get you directed to the right team and are happy to do so. Please continue to fax referrals to 504.896.7273. You may call the office with additional questions at 504.896.7272. Thank you again for your reliable support!

Schedule an appointment with our team of adolescent mental health experts today and let us help you get your children back to what they do best: being kids.